ACR Kemper Profiles

Our amps have been carefully profiled through NEVE 1073 Preamps, using an EV RE20 for bass, and Sennheiser 421, Royer 121 and SM57 for Guitar.


We profiled our 1983 Marshall JCM800 2210 using the clean channel and ran the signal through our vintage pedals, a 1980 MXR Distortion II, and 1979 EHX Op Amp Big Muff. This is basically what Smashing Pumpkins used on Siamese Dream, we even used the same pedal settings, viewed on a Billy Corgan pedal video.  Listen to the samples below. Nailed it.

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Marshall Sample
Sample w/ SP backing track!
1997 PEAVEY 5150

One of ACR's first professional profile packs. A friend of a friend brought his 5150 over because he wanted me to help him profile it for his Kemper. This head was made on 2/27/97 according to Peavey. Well, my friend got rid of the Kemper, but I liked the one profile I made for him so much, I borrowed it again.  This pack includes 4 DIRECT profiles and includes 20 profiles total.

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PEAVEY VB-2 - Punch-In -The-Gut

Purchased in 2010, this Peavey VB-2 was Scott's main rig for years, and once he found the setting, it was never changed.  Tons of compliments about his tone and you'll see why.  This was profiled through our vintage (1988) Peavey 2x15 with Black Widow speakers.  You'll get punch, definition, and cajones.  Seriously.  Get this and use it to record, or throw it through a cab. You're welcome.

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Peavey VB-2.jpg
VB-2 Samples (3 profiles in pack)

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