About ACR Mixing

Let's face it. People will judge a band based on how good the quality of their recording is. It's superficial, but it's a fact. Whether a label representative or booking agent takes your band seriously or not has much to do with how professional your sound comes across. Investing in your product shows dedication to your craft and that you take your work seriously.


AUDIO CAVE RECORDING (ACR) is also a private audio post-production company that prides itself on being able to transform lifeless audio mixes into world-class sounding recordings. Most of our clients are musicians who seek professional help with editing, mixing, and mastering their music, though we work with virtually anything that involves audio production including radio advertisements, layering audio for television programs and educational platforms.


Whatever your needs may be, the crew at ACR won't sleep until your mix is as perfect as can be. We work overtime to ensure that our customers walk away happy and pride ourselves on intimately working with all of our clients to make sure that they are 100% satisfied with using our services. That's a guarantee from us to you. 





The difference between amateur sounding bands with decent recordings and bands that get their songs played on the radio has a lot to do with the quality of the production. You can get great sounding recordings with low-cost gear and terrible sounding recordings from a $500,000 Neve board. That's because getting a mix to sound pro involves many different factors and not just the cost of gear. 


While it is true that using expensive pre-amps, mics and plug-ins does help, it is equally as important that the ears processing the audio are experienced enough to maximize the potential of your sound, which includes proper frequency allocation and overall strong post-production. That is an area that a lot of home studio musicians fall short in when attempting to engineer their own recordings. At ACR we like to say that if you're going to release an album or product, make sure you do right, even if it takes spending a little extra cash. Give your audio the treatment it deserves. It's worth the investment and pays off in the long run.


Why choose Audio Cave?


The needs of our customers vary. Some ask that we engineer small parts within songs and some want entire TV programs mixed. Below you will find a very general layout that may or may not pertain to your needs. Since no case is the same, send us an email and we'll work together to have your needs met in the most cost-effective way possible. 

If you need only editing, only mixing, or only mastering done seperately, our rates breakdown as follows:



$100 per song


$100 per song, 2 revisions ($25 add'l 2 revisions)


$40 per song


* Anything above 8 tracks and we'll give you a pretty significant discount. Click here to send us an email for details. 

If you would like us to edit, mix, and master your tracks all together, our rates breakdown as follows:


1 - 2 songs: $225 per song

3 - 5 songs: $200 per song

6 - 8 songs: $175 per song

9 or more songs: $150 per song


There are pros and cons to our HYBRID analog and digital studio.  In some cases, we are able to recall some settings, but not most.  ACR allows for 2 (two) revisions per song per project as part of our standard mixing services.  Once mixes have been approved, mastered and sent to client - project is considered finished.


It is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to listen to the mixes we send you on more than one device, so you are able to clearly and consicesly give us feedback.  We ask that you are very careful and thoughtful about your revisions, and that if you are working with a group, to try and arrive at a group consensus.  


For any further mixing or revisions, ACR must set up from scratch - so we must charge either a bulk or per song rate based upon what is needed.


It is always important to remember that although we process audio through very high-end equipment, that we are not magicians. A large part of getting tracks to sound good from our end depends on how good (or bad) the files are that we receive from you as well. In other words, you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still, well...a pig. If the tracks you send us don't sound like they were recorded on the built-in microphone of a water damaged 1985 boombox, we should be able to make you very happy! :)

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