—No Smoking inside studio. Food and Beer and such is fine but no smoking Just keep any food and drink away from equipment for obvious reasons. You can smoke outside no problem. Cigarettes only (see below).  Please do not drink to excess.  If you or anyone with you becomes extremely intoxicated, you may be asked to come back at a later date.


—No drug use.  Please, this includes medical marijuana.  Due to the fact that I rent my space from a family with children, no drug use of any kind will be tolerated.  If I find out you are smoking marijuana or doing drugs anywhere on the premises or even in the neighborhood, you will be immediately asked to leave and will not be able to return.  This is very important.

—Park only on the street. No pulling into or parking in neighbor's driveways or in my driveway. If parking seems difficult upon arrival, consult me about the options. There should be plenty. Keeping visitors to a minimum and carpooling when possible will keep this from being an issue. ..


—No coming before the scheduled session or hanging out after the scheduled session unless I am present... 


—I do not provide sleeping space. Not inside or outside. No exceptions. Please don't even ask...


—Keep noise to a minimum if session go after 9:00pm as I have people sleeping upstairs.  Actually, please no acting up and being loud in general.  We are here to work, and though having fun is the point, please remember that I rent my space and there are people living in the same building. :)


—No loitering around the neighborhood. People tend to wander while talking ..phones and such which freaks some of the neighbors out for some reason. 


—There is no provided lodging at the studio. There are many local hotels. Some are really affordable. Some are nicer. Just inquire if you are in need of lodging and I will give you the info. ..



—Have fun and don't try to take it all too seriously. I think we all got in to music for the love and enjoyment of it so we should try to keep it that way even through the business aspect of things. ..


I really hate to have all these rules. Many of which are just silly and common sense to me. Just too many have been inconsiderate, disrespectful, and you know if you give an inch, some people take a mile. A few have ruined it for all. Please, just be considerate and respectful to me, my family and the neighbors and everything will be cool. 

How to treat me!

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